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Grillhaus Daube


5.00€ Barley-wheat bread with codfish butter

7.00€ Smoked trout with barley-wheat bread

8.00€ Grilled tiger shrimps

8.00€ Grilled rack of lamb served with red wine sauce

9.50€ Boeuf a la tartar

12.00€ / 21.00€ Daube´s snack for 2 or 4

5.00€ Vegetable salad

7.00€ Grillhaus Daube`s salad with grilled chicken

8.00€ Cheese plate


6.00€ Selyanka with meat

5.50€ Boletus puree soup

5.00€ Tomato- herb soup with parmesan cheese


10.00€ Vegetable wok with mushroom

9.00€ Pasta with fish and cream sauce

13.00€ Grilled butterfish with lentils, salad and white wine sauce

15.00€ Grilled salmon with rice, fresh salad and tartar sauce

14.00€ Chicken fillet with rice, fresh salad and bearnaise sauce

16.00€ Grilled duck fillet with parsnip-potato puree and plum sauce

13.00€ Grilled ribs/500g/with marinated vegetables and salsa sauce

14.00€ Pork fillet skewer with oven-baked potatoes and salsa sauce

19.00€ Blade beef with oven-baked potatoes and peppersauce

20.00€ Grilled entrecôte/300g/wiht marinated vegetables and smoked cheese sauce

20.00€ Grilled beef fillet with parsnip-potato puree and red wine sauce

18.00€ Grilled lamb fillet with rice, wegetable wok and red wine sauce

16.00€ Wilde game skewer with potatoes and yogurt sauce

49.50€ Grillmix for 4: game, chicken, pork and fish skewers

uluki-, kana-, seafilee- ja kalavarras

8.00€ For young hunter (pork or chicken)


4.00€ Choice of ice creams

4.00€ Fruit choice

6.00€ Warm chocolate cake with ice cream

6.00€ Mascarpone cheesecake